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Run it and work it: Booty reboot with cardio and toning


Tone and lift your backside with this workout that’ll help you rock your bikini bottoms. We’re looking to improve your rear view with some fat-blasting intervals on the treadmill that play with both speed and incline, which will work your

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Get the booty you wanted and your man will love


There was a lot of groaning happening at a recent Summer Tune Up class led by celebrity trainer Kit Rich; her mantra of the day seemed to be “just 10 more seconds, and get lower!” It didn’t matter how pretty

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Want an awesome butt? Try this quick glute workout!

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Want a hot bikini butt, but don’t have much time? Try this!

It’s time to focus on your backside! This 10-minute workout will tone and shape your butt so you can rock your short shorts, clingy dresses, and bikini bottoms all Summer long. No equipment is needed, so press play and get

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Tone Your Butt While Torching Calories With This Elliptical Workout


  Save time at the gym and power up your cardio to do double duty with this elliptical workout. Upping the incline on the machine targets the glutes and hamstrings while raising your heart rate. That’s right! You can torch

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6-Minute Super Squat Workout


Sculpt your butt and legs with this ultra-quick squat workout. Designed to increase symmetry and strength, this workout will shock your lower extremities from the calves to the hips and melt fat—all in six minutes. What’s best: Whether you’re a

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Bigger booty workout plan

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Reboot Your Backside With This Tush-Toning Workout

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Tone Your Butt and Thighs Faster: 4 Chair Pose Mistakes to Avoid


Whether you have five or 50 yoga classes under your capris, Chair pose (aka Fierce) is one of the many basic postures you’ll strike just about as often as Down Dog since it’s the first pose in Sun Salutation B.

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The Insta-Booty Lift with Hanneke


Step 1 a & b: Double Leg Stretch: Start with head, neck and shoulders lifted and knees in table top as in 1a. Keeping head, neck and shoulders lifted high of the mat, move legs and arms to position 1b,

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