For the love of the pole: The Olivia Oates Story

Olivia Oates

Gym booty ambassador Olivia Oates is a very interesting and inspirational woman. This easy going gal who resides in the foothills of Adelaide, South Australia (where you can see koalas and kangaroos roaming around) has a fitness story with a fun twist. Discovering her passion for … [Read more...]

Super quick workout for insane booty results!

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The Tillotson twins hate their booties, well that's how it seems. Check them out in this video as they destroy their booties to build them up. Try this work out if you want an amazing booty! Leave your comments below and like this video and subscribe to our channel. For … [Read more...]

Awesome Booty Blaster Workout by Michelle Lewin

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You've wanted a bigger booty, now you can have it. Check out this amazing video from Michelle Lewin for all her favorite booty blasting workouts! For more information, Michelle Lewin … [Read more...]