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Groove your way to dancer’s legs: 10-minute workout

A dance party can be a workout! And Benjamin Allen, the founder of LA’s GROOV3, is here to teach you how to burn up calories while getting down. At the end of the 10-minute leg-toning workout, you will have learned

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Want a tighter butt? Then you better start doing this


There was a lot of groaning happening at a recent Summer Tune Up class led by celebrity trainer Kit Rich; her mantra of the day seemed to be “just 10 more seconds, and get lower!” It didn’t matter how pretty

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The Key to Perfecting Your Squat


It’s true that a squat is one of the best basic moves for your butt, but doing it wrong can make it harder to see the results you’re looking for — not to mention lead to back or knee injuries.

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[Links] The Best Moves For a Perkier Butt


Take This 4-Variation Burpee Challenge! The Best Moves For a Perkier Butt 6 Ways to Lose Weight That Won’t Have You Counting Calories The Big Mistakes You Make When It Comes to Toning Your Abs The

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The latest craze in fitness: The Booty.


Everyone wants a nice toned butt. It sits up high and proud and looks amazing in clothes. Let’s be honest, the booty fitness craze is taking over. A popular goal in the gym is building the glute muscles to achieve

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Tips to get the perfect booty


Building a perfectly toned butt is an exciting goal. It gives you something great to look forward to. You will not only improve the appearance of your body but confidence will be boosted and your body will be healthier as

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Burpees: Why are they good for your Body?


Burpees build up your strength, are full body exercises and torch calories. Using strength training, and aerobic exercise perform basic burpees in four steps. Burpee’s originator was American physiologist Royal H. Burpee. He established the burpee exercise as part of

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Burpees: why they’re great for your booty and the rest of your body


Have you ever done burpees? Trust me, if you had you would know because they are hard! Burpees are tough because, as all callisthenic exercises do, they incorporate almost every aspect of fitness in one single exercise, and that, without

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The no. 1 way to keep metabolism soaring post-workout


You know that your metabolism gets a big boost during exercise. That’s why you burn more calories by running than by sitting. But there are ways to trick your metabolism into running strong all day long, even hours after you

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Run it and work it: Booty reboot with cardio and toning


Tone and lift your backside with this workout that’ll help you rock your bikini bottoms. We’re looking to improve your rear view with some fat-blasting intervals on the treadmill that play with both speed and incline, which will work your

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